Come and learn about the colourful Hindu festival of Holi with us, and find some fun Holi crafts and printables to enjoy!

Holi is a spring festival full of colour, singing and dancing! Although as an ancient religious Hindu festival it is observed particularly in India and Nepal, it is becoming popular with many non-Hindus in South Asia and around the world. And it's not surprising! Celebrations start with a Holika bonfire on the night before, and people gather to sing and dance. On the morning of Holi the real fun begins, and men and women, boys and girls, one and all, chase each other around with dry paint or coloured water, in water pistols or balloons! Can you imagine that? It would be a good idea to wear your old clothes on Holi! There are parades and music and everywhere a riot of colour, and colourful people!

In the evening people get cleaned up and then go out to visit family and friends and share Holi delicacies.

The date of Holi varies every year, sometimes falling in February but most often in March. In 2017 Holi will be celebrated on 13th March.

Holi Activities for Kids

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Holi Colouring Pages
We have just a small collection of holi colouring pages right now, but more scheduled soon. You...
Holi Crafts
Holi is a wonderful excuse to get crafty with bright colours! We really had fun with these new...
Holi Printables
Just a few Holi printables to start with, but we'll have more coming soon!

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