Crayon Etching Fireworks Picture


Here is a fun idea for an unusual fireworks picture using wax crayons. Younger children love to reveal the different colours as they scrape off the top, black layer.

Crayon Etching Fireworks Picture

You will need:

Wax crayons (including black)
White card
Popsicle stick


Colour all over the card with different bright crayons. Older children could arrange the colours in stripes, circles etc, but making sure that the whole card is covered.

Now colour over the top with black crayon, making sure that you cover all the first layer of bright colours.

Carefully use the popsicle stick to scrape away some of the black crayon in a swirly motion to reveal the colours below. Be careful not to press too hard or you will scrape away the coloured crayon below!


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