Explore our fun zebra activities for kids and learn a little about these exotic African creatures while you are enjoying them!

Zebra activities for Kids

31st January each year is International Zebra Day - the perfect excuse to learn about zebras and explore our collection of zebra resources below! Try some of our printable activities or have a go at a zebra craft ot two with the kids...

Learn About the Zebra

Zebras are medium-sized members of the horse family, native to southern and central Africa. Most zebras live in grasslands and savannas, or in sub-desert.

Every zebra has a unique pattern of black and white stripes, which work as an excellent camouflage for the animals. They live in family groups of 5-20 animals, usually made up of one stallion, a few mares and their young. The family groups stick together and will defend a member that is being attacked, look after ill members of the family or search when one goes missing! Zebras often congregrate in very large herds (as big as tens of thousands when migrating across the Serengeti plains) but will still keep to their family groups with the herd.

Zebras can run at up to 40 miles an hour on their long legs. This, together with their excellent eyesight and hearing, and senses of smell and taste, can help to protect them from their main predators, the lion and hyena.

Fun fact: Did you know that there are three species of living zebra - the Grevy's zebra, the plains zebra and the mountain zebra? There is also one extinct species called the Quagga zebra. The last one died in Amsterdam zoo in 1883.

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