Snake Pencil Topper


This snake pencil topper is a great mess-free craft activity, particularly useful for the classroom or a group. Try it for Chinese New Year of the Snake? It might also be a fun craft for a reptile themed birthday party. To make the activity completely mess-free by avoiding any gluing, you could use sticky wiggle eyes and a glue dot to attach the tongue. Scroll down for instructions.

Snake pencil topper

You will need:

2 pipe cleaners (we used extra fluffy long ones but ordinary ones will work)
Wiggle eyes
Scrap of red craft foam


Twist the pipe cleaners together to make one body.

Roll one end into a circle for the head.

Cut a forked tongue from craft foam.

Stick the tongue and eyes to the head.

Bend your snake into a coil, twisting tightly around the top of your pencil.


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