Loo Roll Snake Puppet


Painting, cutting, sticking and threading make this simple loo roll snake puppet craft activity perfect for younger children for Year of the Snake or a snake or reptile theme. Scroll down for instructions.

Loo roll snake puppet

You will need:

5 loo roll tubes (or 3-4kitchen roll tubes)
Dot stickers
Wiggle eye
Red paper
Sticky tape
2 lolly (popsicle) sticks


Paint the tubes inside and out and leave to dry.

Cut the tubes in half and decorate with the stickers.

Cut a long length of yarn. Tie one end to one of the lolly sticks.

Thread the pieces of tube on to the yarn securing each in place with a piece of tape.

Tie the other end of the yarn to the second lolly stick.

Stick two wiggle eyes to the end tube.

Cut a forked tongue from the red paper and tape to the head tube.


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