Patriotic Raft Craft


Have some fun at your Canada Day or Independence Day picnic sailing our patriotic rafts. Why not make a few and, using drinking straws to blow the sails, have races! And of course these can be adapted for Australia Day, St Patrick's Day, St George's Day and any other patriotic event ...

You will need:

16 popsicle sticks (lolly sticks)
colouring pens
Flag printout

Place 11 popsicle sticks side by side. Glue the remaining 4 sticks across at right angles to stick them together. This is the base of your raft.

patriotic raft illustration

While the base is drying make your sail. Print out a flag from our colouring flag collection and colour. Bend the sail in half and cut two small slits in the middle of the flag - one at the top and one at the bottom. Carefully push the last popsicle flag through the slits. This is your mast.

Use a piece of playdough to stick your mast to the centre of your raft. And you are ready to go!


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