Paper Plate Goldfish Bowl


This super paper plate goldfish bowl looks great displayed on the noticeboard - or fridge! The 3D effect is particularly fun for kids.

Paper Plate Goldfish Bowl

You will need:

Two paper plates (one blue if you can get them)
Blue paint (optional)
Gold card
Green card


  • If you don't have a blue plate, paint one paper plate blue and leave to dry.
  • Cut plants from the green card. Glue to the blue plate.
  • Cut fish shapes from the gold card.
  • Punch a hole in the fish and tie some string through the hole.
  • Staple the string to the top of the blue plate.
  • Carefully cut the middle from the other, white, paper plate.
  • Staple the two plates together around the edge.
  • Cut a straight line at the top of the plate to make it look more like a bowl.


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