Loveworm Bookmark


Make this loveworm bookmark craft for kids for Valentine's Day - he's cute, quick and fun and makes a sweet gift!

Loveworm bookmark craft

You will need:

Strip of card
6 small craft foam hearts
1 large craft foam heart
2 tiny craft foam hearts
chenille stem
2 small wiggle eyes
red pen
heart sticker


Stick six of the small hearts in a column overlapping the top of one heart over the point of the heart above. This is the body.

Stick the large heart on top. This is the head.

Cut two short pieces of chenille stem. Stick these to the back of the head. Stick a tiny heart to the end of each piece of chenille stem.

Glue on the wiggle eyes to the head, add a heart sticker for the nose and draw on a mouth.

Our loveworm - cute!
Our loveworm - so cute!


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