Ladybug Magnet


This cute ladybug magnet is perfect as a little gift on Valentine's Day, but can be used for Mother's Day or other occasions.

ladybug magnet craft

You will need:

Red craft foam
Black craft foam
Wiggle eyes
Red fabric paint
Small heart craft punch (this is not essential but will save time)


Cut a heart from the red craft foam.

Now cut a circle about 1 inch in diameter from the black foam, as well as a thin strip (slightly longer than the heart) and a number of small hearts (we used a craft punch for speed). Refer to the photo above for shapes and sizes.

Glue the strip of black foam down the middle of the red heart and trim the edges.

The heart forms the ladybug's wings. Glue on the black hearts for the ladybug’s spots.

Glue the black circle to the bottom of the heart for the face. Stick on the eyes and use the fabric paint to draw on the rest of the features.

Stick your magnet to the back of your ladybug and leave to dry.


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