Icicle Bunting


Turn your room into a winter wonderland with the help of this shivery cold icicle bunting! Children will enjoy splodging on the runny paint and watching the colours merge.

Icicle Bunting

You will need:

Kitchen towel
Watercolour paints in icy shades (blues, lilac, silver)
Droppers (or paintbrushes)
Yarn or ribbon


  • Water down the paints so they are very runny. 
  • Drop the paint on to a sheet of the kitchen towel and watch the colours run and mix.

Sam dropping paint onto kitchen paper
Sam dropping paint onto kitchen paper

  • When you have painted as many sheets of kitchen roll as you like leave them to dry.
  • Cut triangles out of the dry kitchen roll sheets. 
  • Use a hole punch to punch a hole in each icicle.
  • Thread on to yarn or ribbon and hang.


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