Elf Hat Craft


Here's a fun elf hat craft for children at Christmas. Hang them from the tree and fill with goodies! Perhaps children could make them as a craft activity at a Christmas party and then take them home with some special treats inside? We've used some simple sewing skills but you could substitute fabric glue for everything but stitching on the bell if you prefer.

Elf hat craft

You will need:

Red felt
Green felt
Needle and thread (or fabric glue)


Cut a quarter circle of green felt and sew with running stitch up the sides to make a cone.

Elf hat detail 1

Cut a strip of red felt with a zigzag line along one side. Sew the straight edge around the bottom of the hat.

Elf hat detail 2

Sew the bell to the point of the hat.

If you want to hang it from the tree (filled with sweets) sew a loop of ribbon to the base of the hat.


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