Who doesn't love dolphins? These delightful sea creatures endear themselves to children and adults alike, and are reputedly very intelligent and keen to make friends! We have some fun printable activities, lots of lovely colouring pages and a collection of worksheets too.


Dolphin Facts

  • There are 36 species of dolphins in the world: 32 live in the sea and 4 in rivers.
  • Dolphins live and travel in "pods" (more properly known as "herds" or "schools") ranging in number from 2 to several hundred.
  • Are dolphins really smart? It's hard to know for sure or to prove it either way! Certainly the dolphin brain is much larger than the human brain.
  • Dolphins communicate with each other through whistles and appear to have friendships and social bonds within and across pods. A dolphin in distress will send out a particular whistle which is usually answered quickly by the other dolphins in its pod.
Did you know that 14th April each year is Dolphin Day? It's the perfect opportunity to learn something about these gorgeous, popular sea creatures, and try out some of the activities below...


Dolphin Colouring Pages
Lots NEW! Colour in individual dolphins (perfect for younger children) or a scene of dolphins...
Dolphin Crafts
Dolphins are lovable creatures, and children and adults alike often pick them out as their...
Dolphin Printables
We've got all sorts of dolphin printables for you to enjoy with the kids. Have a go at a...
Dolphin Puzzles
Have some fun with these dolphin-themed puzzles - perfect for a sea creature topic, or just for...
Dolphin Worksheets
Find below our collectoin of fun dolphin worksheets - designed to help chidlren practice...

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