Christmas Collage


Gather together an assortment of shiny materials, some glue and a crafty child, and see what they can put together!

Christmas collage

You will need:

Assortment of card, papers, craft foam, fabric, felt, stickers, glitter - get out the contents of the craft cupboard! PVA or white glue and glue stick Felt tip pens Templates

Christmas collage

A Christmas collage is an excellent craft for a group of kids, as they can share materials between them and often become even more creative when they see what the other children are doing.

I have also found that it is a wonderful activity for children who are not overly confident of their drawing / painting abilities. Any child is capable of putting together a stunning collage even if they really can't draw! Sometimes providing simple shapes for them to fill in can help. For Christmas you could draw a tree, a star, bells or holly - or print out one of our Christmas templates.


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