Around the World Card Games

These educational card games are lots of fun, and are infinitely adaptable to suit any activities which you would like to reinforce with your children. Just print and play! Choose one of our pre-made games, or print out our "blank" cards and make your own.

To play with a class of children:

Cut out the cards and give one to each child in the class (you may need to double up a little). You will see that one card begins with an image: this is the starting card. Similarly, one card ends with an image, and this is the final card.

Whoever has the starting card reads it out. Each child looks at his/her card to see if it follows on, and if it does they reply with their black sentence, then ask their red sentence. Follow around the class as quickly as you can.

The game is wonderful for concentration! As the children get better at it, you can introduce a stopwatch to see if you can beat your previous record.

To play with a small group of children:

Deal the cards out so that you all have roughly the same number. You can fan the cards in your hand, or simply lay them out in front of you as there is no benefit to keeping them secret.

Again, whoever has the starting card reads it out and players must follow on in sequence. You can turn the cards over as they are played, and introduce a competitive element by saying that the first child to turn all their cards over is the winner (but bear in mind if you do this that you will never get to the end of the sequence!) Or you can play all the cards and race with a stopwatch to see if you can beat your previous time.

Lindsay says: This collection of games was created in 2001 and was looking a little dated! We've taken them down to refresh them and are working on getting them up again as soon as possible.

Around the World Ordinal Numbers

Around the World Ordinal Numbers

Around the World card games are a great way to "drill" a subject, and you can vary the pace to suit how well your children know the facts. This set of Around the World Cards is for ordinal numbers.

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