Rainbow Mobile


Is the sky grey outside? Get the paints out, put your aprons on and paint yourselves a rainbow mobile to hang in the window! You need a few supplies for this craft but we expect you will have most of them about the house.

Rainbow Mobile

You will need:

  • Elastic thread
  • Beads (ours are colour changing in the sun but you could use any colour that you like)
  • Cardboard tube (kitchen roll, wrapping paper roll, loo roll etc)
  • Paint in the colours of the rainbow


Cut the cardboard tube into 7 rings and paint each in a different colour of the rainbow.

When the paint is dry, punch a hole into each ring and cut a small piece out of the other side of the ring so you have 'arches'.

Take a piece of elastic cord and thread it onto a bead. Knot the cord back through the bead so it stays in place.  

Thread another couple of beads on the cord, followed by the red card arch. Then add a few more beads followed by the orange card arch and keep going until all the card pieces are in place.

Rainbow mobile photo 3

Finish with a few more beads. Thread the elastic back throught the last bead and tie a knot to hold the beads in place.

Rainbow Mobile photo 2

Hang up your mobile in the sun.

Rrainbow mobile photo 4


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