Phonics Phase One


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Phonics Phase One

Summary of Phase One

Phase One activities concentrate on developing children's speaking and listening skills, phonological awareness and oral blending and segmenting. These skills are the precursor to reading and writing and will get children off to a good start.

In Phase One children are encouraged to listen carefully - first to environmental sounds, instrumental sounds and the sounds that they can make with their own bodies, then to favourite nursery rhymes and rhythms, and finally to the beginning sounds of words and the way in which words are made up of blended sounds.

It is important that children are able to hear the sounds around them as this will help them to hear and discriminate between the different sounds within words. Phase One is also beneficial by helping children develop their speaking skills by enlarging their vocabulary. It introduces children to a lot of the words that they will need to know in the following phases of Letters and Sounds.

Phase One is broken down into seven aspects:

Aspect 1: Environmental sounds
Aspect 2: Instrumental sounds
Aspect 3: Body percussion
Aspect 4: Rhythm and rhyme
Aspect 5: Alliteration
Aspect 6: Voice sounds
Aspect 7: Oral blending and segmenting

You don’t need to ‘teach’ the aspects in any particular order. Try to include the aspects into your everyday activities by talking about the sounds that you can hear or that toys and instruments make; sing action songs and rhymes; read rhyming stories; include sounds in your story time.

Our Phase One Resources

We have organised Activity Village resources by Aspect. Please bear in mind that there is a lot of overlap between the Aspects, so we suggest you explore all the resources and choose what is appropriate for your child / children.

Phonics Phase One Aspect 1: Environmental Sounds
This aspect is all about sound discrimination – helping children to be able to listen...
Phonics Phase One Aspect 2: Instrumental Sounds
This aspect promotes speaking and listening through the use of musical instruments. These can be...
Phonics Phase One Aspect 3: Body Percussion
The main purpose of this aspect is to continue to develop awareness of sounds and rhythms. Not only...
Phonics Phase One Aspect 4: Rhythm and Rhyme
This aspect really encourages children to tune in to the sounds of words. Children need to build a...
Phonics Phase One Aspect 5: Alliteration
In Aspect 5 we encourage children to start listening for the phonemes in words. Ultimately, Aspect...
Phonics Phase One Aspects 6 and 7: Voice Sounds and Oral Blending and Segmenting
During Phase 1 Phonics, there is no expectation to introduce graphemes (letters) although some...
Phonics Phase One - More Resources
Here you will find a general collection of resources that you can use when teaching Phonics Phase...

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