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This is the story of Martha, who invited Jesus and His followers them into her home - and the upset that it caused between her and her sister Mary! It's a short story and not, perhaps, the easiest one to understand. As a child I felt very sorry for Martha! You can read our simplified, child-friendly version of the story here, or download it in various formats together with accompanying materials.

Martha and Mary | Luke 10 38-42 | Bible Stories for Kids

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Martha and Mary - Luke 10:38-42

38 Jesus and his followers continued their travels. They came to a village where a woman called Martha invited them into at her house.

39 Martha had a sister called Mary. Mary sat down at Jesus' feet and listened to him as he spoke to the group. 40 Martha was so busy serving all the guests that she became angry. She went to Jesus and said, "Lord, don't you care that my sister has left me to do all the work alone? Tell her to help me!"

41 Jesus replied, "Martha, Martha, you are getting worried and upset about all sorts of unimportant things. 42 Only one thing is actually important. Mary has chosen it, and it can never be taken away from her."

Martha and Mary - The Short Version

  • Jesus and his followers came to a village, and were invited in by Martha.
  • While Martha worked hard to look after her guests, her sister Mary sat and listened to Jesus.
  • Martha was angry! She asked Jesus to tell Mary to get up and help her!
  • Jesus replied that what Mary was doing was more important, and that Martha should not be angry and upset.

Our Martha and Mary Printables

Martha And Mary Colouring Pages

Martha and Mary Colouring Pages

These lovely colouring pages show the story of Luke Chapter 10 verses 38 to 42, when Jesus visited Martha and Mary - while Martha was busy preparing food and cleaning the house, Mary sat at Jesus' feet and listened to him instead of helping with the chores.

Martha And Mary Comprehension

Martha and Mary Comprehension

This printable picture comprehension is aimed at older children, and asks them to answer questions about Martha and Mary after they have read the story.

Martha And Mary Story And Colouring Book

Martha and Mary Story and Colouring Book

This 4-page printable colouring book tells the simplified version of the story of Martha and Mary from Luke Chapter 10  verses 38 to 42. We've kept the numbering of the verses so that children become familiar with the Bible. 

Martha And Mary Story Booklet

Martha and Mary Story Booklet

This four-page story booklet tells the story of Luke Chapter 10, verses 38 to 42 - the story of Martha and Mary.  Print out the pages pages and then fold together to make the booklet, and the children may like to colour in the pictures too.

Martha And Mary Story Sequencing Cards

Martha and Mary Story Sequencing Cards

These 4 sequencing cards are a fun way to help the children learn the story of Luke Chapter 10, verses 38 to 42, when Jesus visited two sisters Martha and Mary. Print onto paper or card and cut out each of the 4 cards - the children can colour in the pictures too if they like. 

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