Mardi Gras Shakers


To make these Mardi Gras shakers you will need to raid the junk cupboard for supplies. Kids can use them in a very noisy Mardi Gras parade!

Mardi Gras bottle shakers

You will need:

>Small empty plastic water bottles, with lids
Purple and green acrylic paints
Glitter, ribbon, sequins and/or beads in Mardi Gras colours
Dried beans, lentils or similar


Using the acrylic paints, decorate the outside of the plastic water bottles in whatever design you choose.

When the paint is dry, decorate your "shaker" further using glitter, ribbons, sequins or beads. Let the children really go for it!

Drop a small number of beans into the bottle (make sure the inside is completely dry first!) and close the lid firmly. Now, shake, rattle and roll!


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