Make Your Own Sandpaper Letters


Sandpaper letters and numbers are traditionally used in Montessori schools to help children learn the shapes, formation and write way to form the letters by feel. Start by guiding your child's forefinger around the letters in the way that you write them.

Make your own sandpaper letters

Letter templates
Find our Letter Templates here - we have lower and upper case.

Make your own sandpaper letters using our templates and a bit of patience! Simply print, hold securely on top of a sheet of fine grade sandpaper, and cut out. You will need a craft knife to cut the insides of the letters out, and either a cutting board or sheets of thick cardboard as a safe surface. This is an adult job!

We've used our sandpaper letters as they are, placing them on our large handwriting lines printout to make words.

Large handwriting lines printable
Large Handwriting Lines Printable

Note: Montessori sandpaper letters are cursive. The letters are mounted on stiff card (pale blue for vowels and pale pink for consonants). Lower case letters are introduced first, and the phonetic sound of the letter is introduced at the same time as the child traces the letter with his/her finger.


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