Firefighter Costume


This is a simple costume to put together - and perfect for little ones, who usually enjoy putting on hats!

Firefighter costume

Start with a red or yellow mackintosh or waterproof, or possibly even a buttoned shirt or T-shirt, and apply duck tape or insulating tape to cuffs to produce a very smart and cheerful fire-fighter's jacket. If you have waterproof trousers, you can do the same to the ankles and perhaps run a stripe down the outside of each leg too.

If you need to make your own fire-fighter's helmet, you could adapt our safety helmet craft. Do a Google search to find an image of a fire-fighter's badge to stick to the front of the helmet or the chest pocket.

Papier Mache Safety Hat
Safety hat craft
Adapt this craft idea to make a fire-fighter's helmet by extending the brim all the way around the hat.

fire engine craft
Fire engine craft

Fire engine poster


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