Chinese Kite Craft


Chinese kites are a symbol of the New Year and we made ours appropriate by choosing red, a lucky colour, and painting Chinese dragons on them!

Sarah says: I can't promise this kite will fly as it has been too wet to test ours outside, but our attempts at throwing it around in the house suggest that, as long as you use thin paper, they may well work in a gentle breeze!

Chinese kite craft - Jack's kite

You will need:

Red paper
Black pen
Red tissue paper
2 Straws
Sticky tape
String, thread or yarn


Cut a kite shape from red paper.

Decorate with black pen. We went for simple pictures of dragons and a border.

Cut strips of tissue paper. Tape 3 or 4 strips to the bottom of the kite.

Tape the two straws in a cross on the back of the kite as shown in the picture below.

Chinese kite, detail of back

Cut two lengths of string about 18 inches long. Thread one through each straw and knot the ends together as shown.

Cut a length of string long enough to fly the kite if you wish. Tie one end to the knot that you have just tied.

Sam's Chinese kite


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