Woven Thistle Craft


This interesting craft combines a number of techniques to produce a "woven" thistle with lots of texture.

Woven Thistle Craft

You will need:

Purple and green wool
Green card
Hole punch
Our thistle template


Print our template on to the green card and cut out.

Punch holes along the top. Cut 4 'notches' from each side - look at the photo below to see how.

Woven thistle detail 1

Tape the end of the green wool to the back of the template. Wrap the wool around the template from notch 1 on one side to notch 2 on the other, all the way down the thistle and back up to produce a crisscross effect.

Tape the end of the wool to the back of the template.

Woven thistle detail 2

To make the tassels at the top, cut two lengths of wool for each hole.  Fold them in half and push the length through the hole, making a loop. Thread the loose ends of wool through the loop. Repeat for each hole.

Woven thistle detail 3
Forming the loop...

Woven thistle detail 4
Pushing the ends of the wool through the loop


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