Tiger Keyring


Older children will enjoy making this tiger keyring for Chinese New Year, during an Indian theme, or any time! Perhaps you could give it as a gift to a tiger lover or someone born in the Year of the Tiger?

Tiger keyring craft for kids

You will need:

Orange and black polymer clay
Key ring loop
Orange and black narrow ribbon


Roll out a ball of orange clay and flatten into a circle. Stick on two triangles as ears.

Roll a thin sausage shape of black clay. Press the black on to the orange to form stripes.

Make two small, very thin sausages of black clay. Bend each in half and press onto the face as whiskers. Finish off with three small dots of black clay as eyes and nose.

Make a small hole in the top of the head for hanging.

Tiger keyring face detail

Bake according to the instructions on the packet.

Cut two lengths of orange ribbon and one of black. Tie the ribbon to the key ring. Plait the ribbons. Thread the ends through the tiger face and knot at the back.

Tiger keyring ribbon detail


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