Speed Skating Board Game


This exciting board game is based on the speed skating event we enjoy during the Winter Olympics, which of course is fast and furious - and often looks dangerous! It can be played with 2-4 players.

Speed skating board game

You will need:

  • Our board game printable (below)
  • 4 tokens or counters. We have provided some that you can use if you prefer, in which case you might want to print an extra copy of page 1 of the pdf below.
  • Tape to assemble the board

How to play:

Each player places their token on one of the starting squares. The person on square 1 will go first - youngest player is best. If there are only 2 players use 2 tokens each.

Each player takes turns to move their token. On each turn you can either

  1. move your token straight (right or left, up or down) any distance up to 7 squares; or
  2. move your token diagonally any number of spaces.

You can’t move through or into the same square that another player occupies. You can't move through or on to a 'fall' square.

The winner is the first player to complete a lap! In a 2 player game both tokens must reach the finish line for the lap to be complete.

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Speed skating board game


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