Pipe Cleaner Rose


Here's a clever way to make a rose from pipe cleaners - and we warn you that it can become quite addictive! We've used white pipe cleaners for a white rose, but you could of course use red, pink or orange and make roses for Mother's Day or Valentine's Day.

Pipe Cleaner Rose

You will need:

3 white pipe cleaners
2 green pipe cleaners


  • Twist one white pipe cleaner on to the end of one of the green pipe cleaners.

Pipe cleaner rose step 1

  • Make a small loop from the white pipe cleaner, twisting it on to the green pipe cleaner.

Pipe cleaner rose step 2

  • Continue making and twisting on more loops from the white pipe cleaner.  When you come to the end of the white pipe cleaner twist on another.

Pipe cleaner rose step 3
The loops get slightly bigger as we work our way along the green pipe cleaner

  • Make the loops slightly bigger as you work.
  • When you have finished the white pipe cleaners, twist the green pipecleaner into a spiral from the end with the loops. Secure by pushing the loose end of the green pipe cleaner through the centre of the spiral. Make a leaf shape and then twist the end onto the start of the spiral to hold it all together.  
  • If you want a stem, twist on the second green pipe cleaner.


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