Pipe Cleaner Nest Craft


This pipe cleaner nest is a quick and easy Easter craft for kids of all ages, and it's perfect for keeping a few mini chocolate eggs - and maybe a chick - safe!

Pipe cleaner nest Easter craft for kids

You will need:

Brown craft foam
Glue (or glue dots)
3 brown pipe cleaners (chenille stems) ideally in 2 shades of brown
Mini chick and chocolate eggs


Cut a small circle from craft foam. We drew around a drinking glass.

Put glue or glue dots around the edge.

Twist the ends of the three pipe cleaners together and anchor them in the glue on the edge of the foam circle, holding them for a moment if you are using glue to give them a change to begin sticking. Now bend them into a circle, twisting them together and sticking them in the glue on the edge of the foam circle. Tuck the ends in and secure with more glue if necessary.

Pop a chick and some eggs into your nest.

Pipe cleaner nest detail


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