Patriotic Plant Pot


Children will enjoy painting up some patriotic plant pots to decorate the house and garden for Fourth of July. You could line some up your steps to welcome visitors to your party, take a lightweight plastic plant pot with you to decorate the picnic table, or just scatter them about for fun. And of course you don't even have to fill them with plants! They make good plastic cutlery containers or could even be used for snacks...

Patriotic Plant Pot
Patriotic plant pot, ready for 4th of July celebrations

You will need:

Plastic or terracotta plantpot
Red, white and blue acrylic paints (if you do not have acrylic mix poster paint with white glue)
(Optional white paper and a star craft punch)


Paint the bottom of your pot white and the top blue. Leave to dry. Paint some red stripes onto the white section of the pot.

Either paint white stars onto the blue section, or punch some out of white paper and glue them on. If you glue on stars, you should paint over the whole design with a thin layer of white glue, diluted half and half with water, to protect and seal.

Patriotic plant pot, detail


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