Halloween Cauldron


Perfect for collecting or giving out candy on Halloween, this cauldron also works very well as a table centre on your Halloween party table, filled with goodies!

halloween cauldron craft

You will need:

2 balloons
Old newspaper
White glue (PVA)
Black paint
Black chenille stem (pipe cleaner)

Blow a balloon up about half way so it forms a small ball. Rip the newspaper into small pieces, then dip them in the glue and stick to the balloon. When the balloon is covered let dry and then add another layer of paper and glue (paper mache).

When the paper is dry, burst the balloon and throw it away. Trim the hole in the pot to a neat circle. Blow the second balloon up to about the same size, and sit it on top of the pot. Rip strips of paper and dip them in glue. Use the strips to join the balloon to the pot. Make the strips come about halfway up the balloon and ensure the join is well covered. When it is dry, pop the balloon.

Trim the paper so it forms a lip around the top of the pot. Paint with black paint. Make two small holes in the top and thread either end of a chenille stem through to form the handle, twisting to secure.


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