Fingerprint Art Work


Everybody's fingerprint is unique to them. So, here is a great way to create a piece of art work that is totally unique to you as it features your fingerprint! You don't need many resources to do this one and it's a great way to get really creative. It helps if you plan out your picture first so that you know where to put your fingerprints. 

You will need:

  • Paint
  • Paper
  • A black pen
  • Some tissue is useful to wipe your fingers 


  1. Simply press your finger into the paint. Wipe off any excess paint. Press your finger onto the paper to create your fingerprint. 
  2. Do a few of these in different colours. 
  3. Use a black pen to add details. 

Our picture is of two people walking a dog in the park but there's lots of ideas that you could do. How about a fingerprint family portrait? Or a tree in your favourite season? 


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