Ten Autumn Activities on a Budget


The colder weather is beginning to creep up on us and the evenings are drawing in. Whether your children are back at school or you are back into the routine of home educating, you might find that more time indoors makes you feel a bit claustrophobic, or tempted to switch on the television. So, here we've got ten ideas of activities that will help you to keep the kids entertained that are free or cost very little money. 

Visit the Library

I know, I know! I say this every time. But, if we don't use our libraries, we could lose them. So here is your seasonal reminder to take a trip to the library and see what events or activities they have on offer, browse the books and enjoy being in a space where we are not expected to spend any money. 

We have created a new autumn themed picture book scavenger hunt to encourage the kids to have a look through some autumn books. 

Autumn Nature Art

You don't need any materials at all to create some nature art. Simply go for a walk and collect some little bits of nature - twigs, conkers, stones, autumn leaves and acorns. Then, use them to make a piece of art work. We've got autumn leaf butterfliestwig fairies and leaf people to inspire you. 

Visit a Board Game Café

Board game cafés are popping up everywhere much to my family's delight. We love board games but can't afford to keep buying them as some can be quite expensive. This little outing might cost you a coffee but it's a fun way to spend a couple of hours. You'll be warm, away from screens, supporting a local business and most board games have an educational aspect. 

Go on an Autumn Scavenger Hunt

Get outside for a walk in your local park or woods and try a scavnger hunt. We've got lots of scavenger hunt ideas. You could try this Woodland Walk Scavenger Hunt, a Pumpkin Picking Scavenger Hunt or our new Signs of Autumn Scavenger Hunt.

Do a Local Parkrun

Parkrun is a free, weekly event that encourages everyone to run or walk. Check out the parkrun website to find your local event. There is a 5km run or walk every Saturday morning at 9am. Or junior parkrun is a 2km event that is held on Sunday mornings at 9am. The events are inclusive and you can join in whatever your pace or ability. 

Blackberry Picking

Take a container and go foraging for blackberries. Remember to leave some for the local wildlife. Use the blackberries to make a crumble. You could squash some of them up and add water to create a natural dye. Use this to make some tie dye t-shirts. 

Make a Scarecrow

Go for a walk and see if you can see any scarecrows. Some villages do a scarecrow festival. We have got instructions so that you can make your own scarecrow. 

Autumn Crafts

Have a look at our autumn crafts - we have got lots to choose from! 

Painting with Natural Paints

Make the most of your autumn walks by collecting materials for a painting session that uses paints that you have made yourself using nature's offerings. Here we have instructions so you can make your own natural paints

Autumn Tree Dot Painting

This is Autumn Tree Dot Painting is a fun craft to do that uses cotton buds to paint with instead of paint brushes. You could use your finger tips too to create a similar effect. 



Ten Autumn Activities on a Budget
Friday, 16th September 2022

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