Fireworks Activity Ideas for Early Years


If you are in the UK, Bonfire Night is coming up and there will be lots of events and displays that will feature fireworks. Of course, fireworks are used for lots of different festivals and events so they can learned about all year round so we have ideas and activities for a fireworks topic. 

We also have a printable version of this Fireworks Early Years Ideas Planning Sheet available in colour or black and white. 

Language and Communication

  • Watch a video of a firework display. Ask the children to describe what they see and hear. Introduce vocabulary such as boom, crackle, flashing and sparkles. 
  • Play a describing game. Show the children some pictures of fireworks. Ask the children to listen carefully whilst you describe one of the pictures. Can the children tell which one you are talking about? 

Personal, Social and Emotional

  • Explain to children that although fireworks can be fun, they can be dangerous. Discuss the firework code, watch some bonfire night safety videos and talk about how to stay safe around fireworks or when at an organised display where there might be crowds of people. 

Physical Development

  • Hang large sheets of paper on the wall so that children can create a firework mural. Sheets of left over wallpaper works particularly well for this. It could be an outside activity too as it could get messy! Mark making on vertical surfaces (instead of on a table or the floor) develops strength and flexibility in the core, shoulder and elbow. 
  • Support fine motor skills with playdough and firework themed playdough mats


  • Help the children to write a fireworks acrostic poem to encourage them to listen to the beginning sounds of words. 
  • Practise reading noisy words. You could put posters around the room and ask the children to move like a firework to the word that you call out. Support children to write their own noisy firework words on some firework writing paper
  • Find some picture books about fireworks to read to the children. Here are some of our favourites:

Fireman Sam and the Fireworks by Diane Wilmer

The Fabulous Firework Family by Flora James


Understanding the World

  • Compare different festivals that use fireworks, such as Chinese New Year, Bonfire Night and Diwali. Invite children or visitors to talk about their experiences of them. 

Expressive Arts

  • Have fun mixing paints and glitters creating firework crafts. Create a display of paper plate fireworks. 
  • Listen to Handel's Music for the Royal Fireworks. Encourage the children to dance to the music. When they listen, what does the music make them think of? What instruments can they hear? Can they move their bodies like fireworks? Do they like the piece of music? 

Printable Planning Sheet

We have a printable version of this planning sheet available in colour or black and white. 

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Fireworks Activity Ideas for Early Years
Monday, 31st October 2022

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