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Here you will find an extensive collection of useful (and fun) Phonics Phase Three resources - everything you need to help your children learn to read according to the Letters and Sounds phonics programme.

Phonics Phase Three Resources

Summary of Phase Three

When children begin Phase Three, they will already know 19 letters and be able to blend phonemes to read and spell VC and CVC words. During Phase Three, the remaining letters of the alphabet are introduced, together with  18 graphemes comprising 2 letters.

Also during Phase Three, the names of letters are introduced using the Alphabet Song, although children will continue to use the sounds while decoding words.

Phase Three is expected to take 10-12 weeks, with a suggested timetable as follows:

  • Week 1: Revise Phase Two letters and tricky words no, go, I, the, to. Introduce Set 6 letters and sounds (j, v, w, x). Learn an alphabet song.
  • Week 2: Introduce Set 7 letters and sounds (y, z, zz, qu) and tricky words he and she.
  • Week 3: Introduce ch, sh, th and ng and the tricky words we, me and be.
  • Week 4: Introduce ai, ee, igh and oa, and the tricky words was.
  • Week 5: Introduce oo, ar, or and ur and the tricky word my.
  • Week 6: Introduce ow, oi, ear and air and the tricky word you.
  • Week 7: Introduce ure (as in sure) and er (as in corner) and the tricky word they.
  • Week 8: Revise all phonemes and graphemes, practise letter names and introduce the tricky word her.
  • Week 9: Revise and practise as above, and introduce the tricky word all.
  • Week 10: Revise and practise as above, and introduce the tricky word are.
  • Week 11: Consolidate or move on to Phase Four.
  • Week 12: Consolidate or move on to Phase Four.

Our Phase Three Resources

Phase Three Colour and Count
Look at the pictures, listen carefully for the Phase Three sounds and colour them in according to...
Phase Three Colour the Sound
Help children to learn the letters in the sound that they have been learning by asking them to find...
Phase Three Colour the Word
Check that the children are able to read the words and revise the grapheme that you are learning by...
Phase Three Copy the Word
Practise reading and writing digraphs by finding and copying the word that matches the picture. We...
Phase Three Flash Cards
You'll find all sorts of useful letter, word and picture flash cards here for teaching Phase...
Phase Three Letter and Picture Tiles
We've got useful picture tiles, letter tiles, sorting mats and word building grids here - use...
Phase Three Posters
These colourful posters introduce the children to the new Phase Three phonemes. Display, or...
Phase Three Read and Draw
These are a really fun way of checking children’s comprehension of words that should be...
Phase Three Reading Practice Slips
Send these reading slips home with the children and they will become familiar with all the Phase...
Phase Three Spell and Colour
On these fun worksheets, the children must say or write the word for each picture. If it contains...
Phase Three Tricky Words
We have lots of fun resources that children can use to practise reading those tricky or high...

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