Tiddlywinks Golf Course


This clever tiddlywinks golf course can be moved around to provide a number of different golf holes, some more difficult than others. You can also create all sorts of obstacles to make your tiddlywinks golf more exciting!

Tiddlywinks golf course game

You will need:

Counters to use as winks
Green card or felt (for greens and fairways)
Sandpaper or yellow felt (for bunkers / sand traps) - optional
Shiny paper (for water) - optional
Green kitchen scouring sponges (for rough) - optional
Green washing up sponges (for bushes) - optional
Any extras you might like, such as trees, from toy farms or other play sets

Tiddlywinks golf template 1

Tiddlywinks golf template 2

Tiddlywinks golf template 3 - hole

NB - These date back a few years and aren't the best quality downloads, but hopefully they will provide the guidance you need still!


Print out our templates and use them to cut out a variety of pieces from which you will assemble your golf holes. Use the pen to mark on the hole, as shown on the template. Keep it simple for younger children; older kids can really go to town. Store the pieces in a cardboard folder, box file or large re-sealable bag.

To play:

Arrange the pieces any way that you like. Start on the tee and take it in turns to see who can get their wink on the hole (older players must get it on the black, younger on grey or black).

You can make any number of holes and even play a full round. Print off our score sheets to keep track if you like!

Indoor golf game printable scorecard
Golf scorecard for 6 holes

Indoor golf game printable scorecard 9 holes
Golf scorecard for 9 holes


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