Make a Scottish Kilt Card


Kids can make this fun kilt card for a Scottish friend's birthday, or perhaps for St Andrew's Day! We've written the message on a sporran on the front of the card, which is really effective!

Make a Scottish Kilt Card

You will need:

Tartan paper
Blank Greeting Card (or piece of A4 card folded in half)
Brown paper
Double sided tape


Cut two strips of tartan paper approximately 20cm by 10 cm.

Concertina fold each strip leaving a length of about 8cm unfolded on one strip (strip A) and 6cm unfolded on the second (strip B).

Kilt card 1

Take strip B and, with the unfolded area to the left, gather the folds and staple together.  Repeat with strip A, keeping the large unfolded area to the right.

Kilt card 2

Use a strip of doble sided tape at the top to attach strip B to the card.  Repeat with strip A, overlapping the unfolded areas.

Kilt card 3

Use double sided tape to stick on a strip of brown paper to cover the staples.

You can cut a 'sporran' from brown paper, write a greeting on the sporran and stick to the centre of the kilt. 


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