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Activity Village has been trusted by parents, grandparents, teachers, childminders and other carers of nursery and primary aged children (2 to 11) for over 23 years. Hundreds of crafts and games at Activity Village are free for everyone, but our Activity Village Members also get access to over 39,000 special printable activities. We add new activities nearly every day so there's always a reason to visit the website, explore and download! Have a look around the website, subscribe to our free newsletter, and, when you are ready, we would love you to become a member so that you can start enjoying our printable activities! Activity Village is a small family business, and our aim is to make your life easier by helping you keep your kids busy and happy.

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There is no reason for your kids to be bored when Activity Village is here to help. Just click the images below to explore all sorts of activities and resources for holidays and events coming up in the next few weeks and months.

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Create your own finger tracing worksheets, handwriting worksheets and greetings cards, personalised with your child's name or a special message. Just choose, type and print.

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Activity Village offers teachers, parents and children from all over the world many hundreds of free craft ideas, games and information pages - and many thousands of printable activities forĀ Members only. Simply look around, enjoy, and print! We cover many popular children's topics, the main holidays of the year and the seasons too, and we update the site with new activities nearly every day!

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