Indoor Golf Game


Make your own indoor golf game using recycled materials - so that your kids can enjoy a craft activity and the game afterwards! The instructions below are for a 6-hole game, perfect for younger kids, but of course you can make a full 9 hole golf course if you like. Finish it off by making your own special box to hold your game in for next time.

Indoor golf game

You will need:

6 x 1 litre ‘tetrapak’ (fruit juice) cartons Paper in 6 different colours Pens

To play: child’s golf set, pillows, cushions, towels etc (to make obstacles)


Cut the top off each carton so you are left with a piece about 3 inches high. Wrap each carton in a different coloured piece of paper. Cut a 6 inch square of each colour paper.

On each square draw a cross in the centre and write on a number from 1 – 6. Write the same number on the carton with the same coloured paper and decorate the carton with the pens.

To play:

Lay the cartons on their sides around the room. Put down the squares of paper (these are the tees). Scatter around some pillows, cushions and blankets to be obstacles. Starting on square 1 players take it in turns to try and put the ball in the number 1 carton.

The player who completes all 6 holes in the least number of strokes wins. If you like, you can use our score sheets to keep track!

Indoor golf game printable scorecard
Golf scorecard for 6 holes

Indoor golf game printable scorecard 9 holes
Golf scorecard for 9 holes

Indoor Golf Game Box

indoor golf game box

You will need:

Shoebox or other cardboard box
Green paint
Coloured scraps of paper
Black pen

Paint your box green. Cut out a number of triangles from coloured paper and glue these around the box. With the pen add a line down from each triangle and they become flags. Write a letter on each flag to spell out a message and let everyone know what is in the box. Ours says ‘Jack’s Golf Game’.


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