Scottie Dog Mobile


Cheer up your outlook with a collection of cheerful tartan Scottie dogs! Using a paper plate for the "mobile" element of our Scottie dog mobile made this a quick and easy way to display our collection of Scotties.

Scottie Dog Mobile

You will need:

Tartan paper (or whatever you prefer). We have a pretty blue tartan paper you can print, here.
Glue stick
Paper plate


  • Use our small scottie dog template to cut 8 dogs facing right from tartan paper, and 8 dogs facing left.
  • Match the dogs into pairs, one right facing and one left.
  • Glue the dogs back to back with tartan facing outwards, sandwiching a piece of ribbon between them.

Scottie dog mobile 2

  • Make 8 holes around the edge of the paper plate and one in the centre.  We did this quickly by pushing through with a pencil.
  • Thread a length of ribbon through the centre hole and knot underneath.  This is to hang the mobile.
  • Thread the ribbons from the dogs through the holes around the outside of the place, tying a knot to hold each in place.


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