What do you know about Kazakhstan? It's part of both Europe and Asia, and has one of the world's coldest capital cities! These and more interesting information, and a complete set of flag printables, can be found below.

Bayterek Tower in Astana, capital city of Kazakhstan
Bayterek Tower in Astana, capital city of Kazakhstan

Learn about Kazakhstan

Geography of Kazakhstan

  • The Republic of Kazakhstan is a vast landlocked country in Central Asia and Eastern Europe, that dwarfs Western Europe.
  • The industrial north of Kazakhstan is covered by vast steppe plains, as are the central highlands, whilst deserts feature in the south.
  • The western region contain wealth producing oilfields and the resorts of the Caspian Sea coastline.
  • Charyn Canyon, at 80 km, is the second longest canyon in the world and is known as "The Little Brother of the Grand Canyon".

Cities of Kazakhstan

  • Almaty, the largest city, was the capital until 1998, due to its location on the Silk Road. Its name means 'place of apples', as the apple tree originated in Central Asia.
  • Medeo Ice Stadium above Almaty can host over 30,000 spectators. At 1691 metres it is the highest outdoor skating rink in the world and has hosted the 2012 Bandy World Championships.
  • The new capital Astana, located to the country’s heart, is one of the world's coldest capitals. It is a modern city built with the profits from oil. Attractions include the Bayterek Tower, which resembles a giant 100 metre tall lollipop, and the Duman Aquarium, which is 3000 km from the nearest sea.
  • The small southern city of Turkestan was an ancient centre for religious scholars and contains the magnificent Mausoleum of Khoja Ahmed built by Tamerlane. It boasts the largest dome in Central Asia, although it was never completed.

More Interesting Facts

  • Sputnik 1, the world's first satellite and Yuri Gagarin, the first astronaut, were launched into space from Kazakhstan during the Soviet period.
  • Wild tulips originated on the slopes of southern Kazakhstan and were taken to Holland by the Ottomans.

About the Kazakhstan Flag

Kazakhstan Flag Printables

The flag of Kazakhstan features a gold sun with 32 rays and the outline of a flying eagle on a sky blue background. There is also a traditional, ornamental pattern down the side of the flag.

Our Kazakhstan Resources

Kazakhstan Bookmarks

Kazakhstan Bookmarks

These colour in bookmarks featuring Kazakhstan make great prizes or rewards. Kids could collect a whole set: we have them available for loads of countries! There is a colour version too and a version with and without the words.

Kazakhstan Colouring Flag

Kazakhstan Colouring Flag

This colouring flag of Kazakhstan has a lot of detail in the sun, eagle and traditional decorative strip. One for those with a steady hand.

Kazakhstan Flag Printable

Kazakhstan Flag Printable

The flag of Kazakhstan features a sun and an eagle. Use this printable to make your own flag. You could also use it to make Asian country bunting or have a quiz on flags of the world.

Kazakhstan Notebooking Page

Kazakhstan Notebooking Page

Kazakhstan is the largest landlocked country in the world! What other facts can you find out about Kazakhstan? Write them on this special notebooking page.

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