Rubber Stamped Photo Frame


This quick and easy clay photo frame is incredibly effective, and children will enjoy experimenting with the patterns they can make. Of course, if you don't like your design you can just roll up the clay and start again.

Rubber stamped photo frame

You will need:

Coloured air-hardening clay
Old rubber stamps
Photo (passport size)
Double sided sticky tape


Roll out your clay and cut out the shape of frame you would like (we used a ruler to help with the square frame). Don’t forget to make the hole in the centre.

Press your rubber stamps into the clay so they leave an impression.

Leave your frame to harden for a few days.

Use double sided sticky tape to stick your photo to the back of the frame. Now cut a piece of card the same size as the frame and stick it on to the back with double sided tape.

Finally glue a magnet on to the middle of the card if you like.


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