Pipe Cleaner Lavender Card


Pipe cleaners in green and purple are used to make a bunch of lavender. We've glued ours to a card for Mothers’ Day, but you could also tie a bunch together with a pretty ribbon. I'm afraid the photo of this craft didn't come out well, but hopefully it will give you an idea of how pretty the pipe cleaner lavender is!

 Pipe Cleaner Lavender Card

You will need:

  • 6 x purple pipe cleaners
  • 3 x green pipe cleaners
  • Double sided sticky tape or glue gun
  • Card


  • Cut a green pipe cleaner in half. Starting at the top, wrap a purple pipe cleaner around it as tightly as possible so that you can’t see any green. This should cover about of the stalk.
  • Make another 5 sprigs of lavender in the same way.
  • You could stick your lavender onto a card or tie a piece of ribbon around it to give someone a pretty posy.


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