Gentleman soldiers from the Middle Ages, knights of old in their splendid armour still fascinate children today. We've got all sorts of ideas in this Medieval Knights theme, including instructions for making your very own knight costume, shields and swords, all sorts of knight printables, some fantastic knights colouring pages, and lots more...

Knights theme

Knight Colouring Pages
If your kids enjoy the glamour and excitement of the days of old, they'll find them with these...
Knight Crafts
Every knight needs a good helmet, sword and shield, and we've got lots of idea to make your own...
Knight Printables
Use these knight printables in the home or classroom, for fun or for school projects. We've got...
Knight Puzzles
Help the knight rescue the pretty princess! We have three levels of the maze to suit all ages...
Knight Worksheets
Use knights as an excuse to practise handwriting - why not? You can also have a go at an acrostic...

The Knight's Castle

All good knights need a fort or castle! Why not make one at home with blankets, sheets and furniture, or transform an existing indoor or outdoor playhouse (or tree house) with flags and bunting. Then have a look at our castle theme for more inspiration:


Princess Theme
Many a knight has rescued a damson in distress, or a princess...
Princess Theme

Chess for kids
Knights are of course an important part of the chess board, so it might be time to learn or play a game of chess!
Chess For Kids

Knights fight dragons!

Knights jousting display Warwick Castle

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