Hanjie puzzles, also known as griddler puzzles or nonograms, are a real test of your logic skills! Each hanjie provides a grid. The numbers alongside the grid tell you how many squares in that row (from left to right) or column (from top to bottom) must be shaded in, in blocks of that number. A comma means that you must leave at least one square blank between the blocks.

We've tested our puzzles carefully and know that you can use logic for every step of the puzzle, so no guessing! We suggest you use a pencil and shade lightly, and have a rubber (eraser) handy. It can be helpful to put a little dot or cross in any square which you know must be blank, and to cross off the numbers as you go.

On most of the puzzles we give the kids a hint to get them started … look for the arrow and start with that column.

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