Friendship Day


Friendship Day, also known as World Friendship Day and International Day of Friendship, takes place each year on 30th July. It is thought to have been started in the 1920s and lost popularity over the years before it was revived in 2011 by the United Nations, with the idea that the more friendships we create, the more we understand and tolerate each other.

Many countries, including the US, decided to set aside the first Sunday in August for the day. In the US it is known as National Friendship Day.

Ideas for Friendship Day

  • Invite family friends, or the childrens' friends, around for a drink, meal or just a play
  • Throw a games afternoon or evening (lots of game ideas here), or help the kids get crafty with a bunch of their friends
  • Meet up with friends in the park or at the beach to play a game of rounders, softball, french cricket or other outdoor games
  • Send a message to far-flung friends, or Skype them
  • Write a postcard, card or a letter to friends, telling them how much they mean to you
  • How about getting the kids together with a group of friends and making and exchanging friendship bracelets?

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