Printable Rosettes Craft


You can use our "award" printables to make rosettes, badges or medals - and the kids get to colour them in!

You will need:

A print-out of one of our rosette templates (see below)
Tissue or crepe paper
colouring pens
Glue stick
Badge pin or safety pin

Choose your rosette, colour it in and cut it out. Using the small circle on the printout as a template cut out 8 circles of tissue paper. On the back of your medal, glue around the edge and stick on the tissue paper circles.

Either glue on a badge back (from craft shops) or tape on a safety pin so your rosette can be worn with pride.

Or make a medal...

Simply colour in the rosette, use a hole punch to punch a single hole at the top, thread through some ribbon and you have a medal.

Another idea...

Print out onto brightly coloured card. Don't bother with the tissue paper circles, just use some gold or silver pen to draw around each edge, fill in the details (if appropriate), and pick out the designs. Add a safety pin to the back.

Printable rosettes - Number 1
"Number 1"

Printable rosettes - Blank is a star
"Blank is a star"

Printable rosettes - World's best blank
"World's best blank"

Superstar rosettes


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