Wooden Spoon Shark


This wooden spoon shark craft is original and very effective - it's sure to be a huge hit with the kids!

All our wooden spoon crafts can be used as puppets too.

Wooden spoon shark craft

You will need:

Grey paint
Wooden spoon
Craft foam in white, black and pink.


Paint the spoon grey and leave to dry.

Draw around the bowl of the spoon onto black foam and cut out. Glue to the spoon, at the base of the handle only, so that the rest of the foam is loose. This forms the bottom jaw.

Draw around the spoon once again, this time onto the pink foam, but this time cut out the shape a few millimetres smaller on all sides. Glue to the inside of the bottom jaw.

From white foam cut out two sets of jagged teeth. Glue these around the curve of the spoon and to the edge of the pink foam (be sure to use the glue sparingly).

Cut out two white circles as the eyes, adding two smaller black circles as the pupils. Glue to the back of the spoon.

Finally, cut a diamond from black foam. Cover with glue and fold around the handle to form the fin.


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