Winter Village Scene


Have fun creating a winter village scene with your kids using cardboard boxes, twigs, cotton wool and other bits and pieces from the craft cupboard.

Winter village scene

You will need:

Small cardboard boxes
Brown paint
Black card
Silver card
Cotton wool
Silver glitter
Sticky tack
Large sheet of card for the base
PVA (white) glue

Paint your cardboard boxes brown and leave to dry. Cut out some rectangles of black card the length of each box, fold them in half and stick to the top of the boxes to form roofs. Cut out some windows and doors from black card and glue these to your buildings.

Put your buildings on your large sheet of card, add a frozen pond cut from silver card, some paths cut from black card and some twigs stuck upright with sticky tack as trees. When you are happy with the way it looks, glue everything down.

Cover the rest of the card with glue and stick on the cotton wool snow. Add dribbles of glue along the roofs and trees and cover with glitter to add some frost.


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