What's In The Sock?


A good game to quieten down a party, this works well with mixed age groups and is also a fun activity to provide for bored kids at home on a rainy afternoon!

What's in the Sock

Age: 5+

You will need:

  • A collection of large socks (we recommend 10, but you could provide less for younger age groups)
  • Various small objects (see suggestions below
  • A piece of paper and pencil for each child
  • Sticky notes or small pieces of paper numbered 1-10 (to correspond with the number of socks.

Hide an object in the toe of each sock, and place the socks around a table or room and assign it a number. The children take a piece of paper and pencil and walk around the room, feeling each object through the sock (no peeking!) and trying to guess what it is. They should write down their answers against the correct number.

When they have finished, the objects are revealed, correct answers added up, and a winner declared.


Younger children may be allowed to put one hand inside the sock while guessing (which makes the guessing process a lot easier!)

Keep an eye on the clock and move everyone on to the next sock if it is taking too long. Tell the children to guess if they don't know (suggesting that they think of something funny if they don't know the right answer can reduce tension if somebody is getting anxious or competitive).

Suggested objects:

(Vary your objects to suit the age of the players)

Small plastic toy animal or insect
Toothbrush or nailbrush
Hair grip
Paper clip
Lego piece
Medicine spoon
Doll's shoe
Candy (sweet)


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