Wearable Flags - Baseball Caps


Show your support for your team or country by decorating a baseball cap with your flag - fun to make and wear! We also made patriotic T Shirts to match. How about making these for the kids to wear to your Queen's Platinum Jubilee event?

wearable flag baseball caps

You will need:

Plain baseball cap
Fabric paint, ribbons, sequins etc (look out for ribbons with flags on or in patriotic colours or designs)
Fabric glue


Simply use your ribbons, sequins and fabric paint to decorate your hat. As our photos show, you can go as elaborate or simple as you like.

United Kingdom
We came across some wide ribbon with the Union Jack on in a craft shop. We made a very simple hat by cutting out one ribbon flag and gluing it to the front of the cap.

We glued on some starry ribbon along the seams of the hat and then decorated with star sequins. We then used red, silver and blue fabric pens to write USA on the peak of the hat.

Boys wearing flag baseball cap and flag t-shirts


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