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Go on a virtual tour of the United States, learning about the wonderful sights you might see if you visited New York, Washington, San Francisco and the Grand Canyon. Plan your visits, or write about them afterwards - or just use your imagination to fill out these wonderful US story paper printables. Handwriting lines available for younger children, normal lines for older. And colouring page included!

Baseball Story Paper

Baseball Story Paper

Here is some fun baseball story paper, complete with picture to colour in, perfect for match reports, creative writing or writing about sporting heroes, perhaps...

Basketball Story Paper

Basketball Story Paper

Your child can write about his favourite basketball player, make up a story with himself as the star, or perhaps write a match report with this fun story paper.

Eagle Story Paper

Eagle Story Paper

Choose from lined or handwriting versions of our eagle story paper. Use to display poetry or story writing, don't forget to colour the eagle.

Story Paper - New York, Empire State Building

Empire State Building Story Paper

Kids can colour in the picture of this iconic New York building and then write about a visit, real or made up, or describe what they see in the picture.

God Bless America Story Paper

God Bless America Story Paper

Use this God Bless America story paper for poetry writing or any other creative writing. Then get out the crayons and colour in the picture.

Story Paper - San Francisco, Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge Story Paper

One glimpse of this colouring page of the Golden Gate Bridge and you know you are in San Francisco! Print, colour and write about the adventures the children in the picture are having...

Story Paper - USA, Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon Story Paper

Use this story paper and colouring page of the Grand Canyon to research and write some interesting facts, for story telling or other writing projects. How small the family in the foreground looks and what an amazing view they are enjoying!

Story Paper - USA, Mount Rushmore

Mount Rushmore Story Paper

Print, colour and write using this story paper and colouring page of Mount Rushmore. Use the printable for history projects, learning and writing facts about the carvings, or even for imaginative story telling.

Story Paper - New York Taxi

New York Taxi Story Paper

Get the yellow crayon out to colour in this New York taxi then write a story about what you see in the picture, your own visit to New York and ride in a yellow taxi, or an imaginary story!

Story Paper - USA, Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls Story Paper

Here's some printable story paper featuring a colouring page of Niagara Falls - great for writing projects, geography and travelling around the world in your imagination! What an incredible sight Niagara Falls must be!

Story Paper - New York, Staten Island

Staten Island, New York, Story Paper

Print this colouring page and story paper depicting a view of New York's Staten Island from the Staten Island Ferry, which is popular with tourists as it gives a great view of the skyline of New York and the Statue of Liberty.

Statue of Liberty story paper

Statue of Liberty Story Paper

Inspire children's writing with our Statue of Liberty story paper. They could write about a visit or they could imagine they are the statue and tell a story from her perspective.

Story Paper - Washington, The White House

The White House Story Paper

Everybody recognises The White House, the Washington home of the President of the United States! Use this colouring page and story paper printable to write some facts about The White House, about the President, or perhaps tomake up a story.

Uncle Sam Story Paper

Uncle Sam Story Paper

Perhaps children could research the origins of Uncle Sam and use this story paper to write about the popular icon. Or perhaps they could write about their Independence Day celebrations.

USA Story Paper

USA Story Paper

Write some interesting facts about the USA on this story paper, or use it as inspiration for a story set in New York, or anywhere else in the USA!

Story Paper - Washington Monument

Washington Monument Story Paper

Whether you are studying history, geography or just looking for an interesting writing project, this colouring page and printable story paper make it fun! How about writing what you imagine what the children in the picture are thinking?

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