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Travel around the US with the help of these fun printable postcards. They make an excellent little writing activity, and you can use them to do research on some of the best-known landmarks of America and America's cities. Explore New York, San Francisco, Washington ... and further afield!

To make the postcards you just need to print, colour and cut out. Then fold where indicated, glue together and write on the back. Easy and quick!

New York Empire State Building Postcard

New York - Empire State Building Postcard

The Empire State Building is one of the most famous sky scrapers in New York. This postcard is a fun USA themed activity which kids will love. Colour the picture, then fold and glue the sheet to make your own card. Trip to the postbox to post is optional.

New York Staten Island Postcard

New York - Staten Island Postcard

Postcard writing is a great, short, writing exercise and coupled with the colouring in of the picture makes a really fun activity. This postcard shows Staten Island in New York and is one of a set of cards featuring famous places in the USA.

New York Statue of Liberty Postcard

New York - Statue of Liberty Postcard

The children on this postcard are having fun visiting the Statue of Liberty in New York! Would you like to visit the USA? What would you write in a message to someone at home? Make this postcard and have a go at writing on the back.

New York Taxi Postcard

New York Taxi Postcard

Beep beep! Imagine yourself in New York with this postcard of yellow taxi. Encourage young writers to send a message; only a short message is required and it's a good way to learn your address too!

USA Grand Canyon Postcard

USA - Grand Canyon Postcard

If you are studying the USA or have an interest in geology this postcard featuring the Grand Canyon will interest you. Carved by the Colorado River over millions of years, the canyon makes a great picture to colour in.

USA Mount Rushmore Postcard

USA - Mount Rushmore Postcard

Postcards are a great writing activity. They also familiarise children with the formats for addressing post. This one features Mount Rushmore where the faces of four US presidents are carved into the mountainside.

USA Niagra Falls Postcard

USA - Niagra Falls Postcard

Six million cubic feet of water is whoosing over the top of Niagra Falls on this postcard! This is one of our set of postcards featuring well-known places and landmarks in the USA.

USA Postcard 1

USA Postcard 1

Write all about an imaginary trip to the USA on this postcard, then pretend that you are sending your postcard to a friend back home. A fun activity for a bit of creative writing and for practising writing addresses too...

USA Postcard 2

USA Postcard 2

The fun part of this postcard template for the USA is that the picture side is blank, so you can draw your own! You could draw the Statue of Liberty, Disneyland - there's lots to choose from! Don't forget to write your postcard too...

Washington White House Postcard

Washington - White House Postcard

An iconic landmark, the White House in Washington DC is the heart of American politics. Making a postcard is a great activity involving writing practice and also colouring in.

Washington Monument Postcard

Washington Monument Postcard

Why not pretend you're on holiday in the USA and send a postcard to someone at home? This postcard of the Washington Monument is one of ten postcards we have featuring American landmarks.

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